We are Monika and Max, third year students in the European School of Physiotherapy (ESP), Hogeschool van Amsterdam.Foto IMG-20130221-WA0002-1

This website has been created as a part of our professional assignment project (PAP) which takes place throughout the 4th, 5th and 6th semester of the ESP curriculum. During this project we have been working on a professional question relevant to the physiotherapy profession. Since the PAP is not considered a classical thesis, a practical application must be guaranteed and a client must play an active role in this process. As a result, we are primarily working in the area of, and developing ourselves within the professional KNGF role “The physiotherapist as a professional developer”. Furthermore, the competences of the “physiotherapist as a manager” and “physiotherapist as a care provider” (KNGF 2007) will also be involved in the professional assignment.

The purpose of this professional assignment project is to deliver a website about the assessment of the cervical spine, based on the best available evidence; with a focus predominantly on special tests. This idea was inspired by our interest in the cervical spine, as well as the client’s request for a user-friendly and evidence based tool to assess the cervical spine. The website does not only include information based on theoretical knowledge, but also videos showing the practical application of recommended procedures, i.e. handling of special tests. This site is a useful tool for anyone in the field of physical therapy wishing to improve their skills in the assessment of the cervical spine; and therefore has educational value for students and registered professionals alike.